Simple Future tense – Assignment

Please all students are requested to comments in below any 5 sentences in simple future tense.

எல்லா மாணவர்களும் தயவுசெய்து simple future காலத்தில் ஏதேனும் 5 வாக்கியங்களை கீழே உள்ள கமெண்டில் பதிவிடுமாறு கேட்டுக்கொள்கிறோம்.

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  1. 1. I Will buy a new car.
    2. I won’t like pizza.
    3. We will go to chennai.
    4. I will help you for your studies.
    5. I will try to speak hindi.

    1. mostly buy a new car, mean, its planned, so I am going to buy new car.
      I don’t like pizza – usual habits, say in simple present

  2. I shall leave a message to you.
    I won’t leave even a message to you.
    I’m going to write a letter to my friend.
    I’m not going to write letter to my friend.

  3. 1.They will play
    2.he won’t speak
    3.I will do it
    4.I won’t believe
    5.she will go there
    6. We will eat this

  4. 1.I will try to speak English.
    2.i will buy a new bike.
    3.we will go to temple.
    4.I will help you for your old age home.
    5.i won’t like ice cream

  5. 1) i will tell you
    2)it will take time
    3)she will explain you
    4)They will call you
    5)He will get well soon.

  6. I will go temple on Friday I will be there within hour they will come tonight shall I call him it will never come again

  7. 1. I will phone you
    2. He will show me
    3.she will get a chance
    4.will you do it
    5.will they come

  8. 1. When will you marry her ?
    2.He won’t come
    3.I will go to school tomorrow
    4.will you come with us ?
    5. She will do the work easily

  9. I’ll go to home.
    I’ll teach with you
    I’ll learning English
    We’ll come together your party
    They will come with me

  10. 1. I will buy a house.
    2. I will have bought a house by next month.
    3. I won’t go there.
    4. I will not stay there till you come.
    5. I will go to Chennai next week.
    6. I will speak him.
    7. I will have been watching.
    8. I will play cricket tournament next month.
    9. I won’t play next month.
    10. I won’t speak him.

  11. 1. We will pay for help to others for covid19.
    2. You will do good that.
    3. We will fight against covid
    4. He will read moral stories.
    5. I will build big house for staying my relative

  12. I will try to speak in English
    They will pray for us
    She will watch him
    We will manage them
    He will not beat you

  13. 1. I will do my assignment work tomorrow.
    2. I won’t do copycat in exams
    3. Mom will prepare briyani for me,weekend special.
    4. Dad will go supermarket today evening.
    5. Malar will finish her household work tomorrow.

  14. You will be good in your future
    I will purchase new dress for my sister
    We are going to movie tomorrow
    I willl take care of it
    I won’t believe you
    I’ll call you later
    I will be there with in 2 minutes
    I going to miss you
    I will kill you

  15. It will rain tomorrow
    You will know the result tomorrow
    She will finish her studies next year
    They will leave for Delhi tonight
    I will do the washing up.

  16. I will do it tomorrow.
    They will come here next week.
    She will attend the meeting.
    I won’t write the test.
    We will go to the office tomorrow.
    He will sing a song.
    I will be in America next year.
    You will be in the meeting hall tomorrow.
    I won’t be there tonight.
    They will start the work.

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